by Hannah Fury

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Glass Menagerie Still partly in 3D so my amnesiac soul still searches restlessly for my truer Home I have been to many Worlds I have traveled to them many Times Still, I fix the little yellow House Because it is a Spot on Earth that we liked So did you see the glass menagerie? I look for sentience in Everything Everything feels Sure, you can call it “imaginary” I call it cryptozoology, so there. ;) And Everything Feels And it is ALL REAL And so, I fix the little yellow House... where the little menagerie can walk around
Fluffy 04:34
Fluffy And so I’m feeling so light Vining high so light & fluffy like styro just so you know Like a cloud — all lit-up — with a storm inside it, though Just so you know Light & fluffy like styro Vining Surviving And so I need to tell you: I really love Disco! And AM Radio. And I can feel you Thriving on the other end of the globe, deep in my Soul Just so you know Feeling fluffy like styro and Vibin’ Feeling fluffy like styro Alivin’ Staying Alive an’ fluffy like styro Vining A cloud, with a storm inside it, though Like lightning Vibing… Like lightning
Message 03:43
Message Hello Please don’t comply with your captors Hello? What—? Am I speaking in code? Open the door! You are so much better than this You are the cosmos AND the spaceship You are greater than you know You are Light You are Soul So stand up and fight! This has all happened before This has all happened before So just let go How can you not know? They are just waiting for us to show that we are ready for them They are so close But we must deserve it I see there’s more work to do You must’ve heard it, and seen it, too I’m just here with a message for you…


released April 7, 2021




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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