Little Family

by Hannah Fury

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Marisel 05:45
Marisel In Marisel lemon trees and daffodils flowers shaped like little bells by the sea sand and shells in Marisel In Marisel never-ending blossoms and flowers shaped like tiny suns and jewelry glinting against the summer skin of every belle in Marisel by the sea you with your sad eyes and your quiet smile I know you still had some things to do you with your sad eyes saying good bye even though you still had things to do An eternal breeze from the orange groves beyond the cobblestone village streets you can see them there twirling feathers into their glowing hair par la mer by the sea you with your sad eyes and your quiet smile you know what to do
Of Wire and Paper I do watch but I can’t find the sunlight everywhere is dust finally used all his lifelines and pulled away from us Spiders know to spin at twilight and finish by the dawn so let us just think of the good times and not what we did wrong so rest your weary bones at last and curl into the wind and I will hope like all before me that something new begins glimmering and glowing softly they whisper from the hive I can still see and do quite often as if I were alive so don’t worry I hear it’s not unusual to get views that go on forever we’ll be with you in the blink of an eye we’ll be with you 'til the end of time fluttering but never certain they shimmer towards the dusk and leave behind the cage that hurts them as every warrior must miracles of blood and vapor scheduled in the sky they brought you wings of wire and paper so you stayed for a while I do hope there’ll be a morning when I wake to the sun crystal drops like early warnings your time will also come so I turn not to bold perfection but to silken threads above and I will believe in your prediction and I swear that you are loved you will always be loved
Like Ghosts 05:37
Like Ghosts Oh you’ll know it’s morning when the rooster crows oh these early warnings they come to you like ghosts it will feel like springtime, you know the ice will crack and the rivers will start to flow and you will witness the first retreat of snow oh what are you doing? do you even know? just counting your failures in the undertow meanwhile your little family just glows Oh a new day will dawn again and winter always turns to spring so I wait patiently for the glow of my little family of Souls You in the light Come back to me You in high frequency
A Spoon and a Feather Oh you know consciousness survives so you do some magic with a spoon and a feather sure, someday we’ll be starlight so you cast some spells with sound and whatever It was you all the time you, my life line you, through all my lives you, my sprit guide so stay with me and be my Epic Love You know consciousness survives So do your magic with a spoon and a feather sure, someday we’ll be starlight until then do your casting with sound or whatever you all the time our embroideries entertwine your opal light hand in mine if this is, then it is Epic Isn’t it, Love?
Her Heartbeat in Space Go out into the garden the forests hybrid flora/fauna speaking in the voice of light healing trauma down with the veil step out from shade consciousness, raised and be a true believer in Everything you don’t have to choose ask your angels and aliens ask your near-death experience ask your psychedelic medicines bring your kaleidoscope and listen with your opal soul to her heartbeat in space and time
A Willow Weeps If you lose your way away from the light you can find a way in the the night If you lose your way away from the spark you will find your way through the dark If you lose your way, my friend just know it’s not the end a willow weeps, then bends and you will be whole again If you lose yourself it will be hard but when the mirror breaks just save the shards and if your fire is reduced to ash You will find your way back through the gash if you lose your way my friend just know it’s not the end a willow weeps, then bends and you will be whole again When I was a flower, you were the bee When I was a star, you were the galaxy When I was shade, you the tree I know that you have always been with me You’ll never lose your way, my friend There’s no beginning and no end A willow weeps, then bends And you will be free again
In the Opal Light I never saw the wrong-way collision But it opened me to near-death vision And I saw you in the opal light you, just above and to the right you, moving space and time I know it was you you who kept us alive
Blooming in the Garden Then took his wife and kids to California And spent his whole life seeking ink blot treasure And then fell through the leaves of the garden And found the clearing there, where it has always been Then described to me a dream of perfect Summer Where every battle must release its Warrior Then fell through the leaves of the garden And found the clearing there, where it has always been And the boy made of glass stays with you, because you asked And the one made of sand Is glinting in the sunlight and The one that’s made of dreams Is floating and so happy I hope you know she had a good time Sonoma With the sunlight that you arranged around her With the warm orchard breeze that you called to touch across her cheek I hope you know how your garden grows And I hope that you can see all the flowers and all the leaves and all the vines and all the trees all the dragonflies and bees I hope you know she had a good time in Sonoma with the sunset that you arranged behind her and the warm orchard breeze whispers “Do you all remember me?” Men du titta, en trollslända, i evighet And the boy made of glass becomes your friend, at last See the Opal Light Blooming in the Garden Can you see how they glow? Your little family? And glowing in the dark it was just as you described the sound swarmed all around me and was lit up from inside then the sound it turned to singing as I came upon the hive I could hear the words so clearly I am alive
Entangled Spookily Hope is thing with lots of feathers they brought you glassine wings when they stitched you together could I let you go I say never I wish I’d met you in the ’80s My love, you would have saved me The Universe keeps many secrets From you and her Even at a distance We can entangle spookily and you will always connect to me still travel no ship, no bridge this is just the way it is we are of the earth in a fractal multiverse singing songs of the sea and dirt and we are of the sky of no place, no time We have been through the gashes together And that left you with a heart lighter than a feather When I was the shade, you were the tree And you always protected me When I follow you into the Ether Will you see me? and will I see you there? Can we finally have our eternal Spring? In between our forest and clearing Ours is a love death cannot sever Just you and me, together forever


These are songs that I was working on in the year before I lost my beloved husband, best friend and soul mate. I had planned to do a little more on these, but I don't know if I will ever be able to work on them again. It is too difficult emotionally. Even so, I have a soft spot for these songs, and in some way I feel as if they are how they're supposed to be: Frozen in time. A few were written a long time ago in response to my Dad's passing, but they have become even more relevant to me now after the loss of my husband. Others are newer songs. All were recorded on and off in 2019, when I still had hope that he would pull through. Everyone is feeling so much loss right now. Families and friends are separated, and many have lost loved ones even more recently than I have. I do not "believe" that death is the end. I suspect we are all eternal multidimensional beings of energy, light, consciousness, and resonance -- and love connects us, always and forever throughout all space and all time.

These songs are not professionally mastered and so the volume may be a little low on some speakers and the vocals are a little high in the mix sometimes. I may try to do some tweaking, but I'm not able to go to a pro studio for the mastering like I usually do. Please forgive the flaws. I know people are struggling right now, so please don't pay anything.



released July 10, 2020




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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