September Day

by Hannah Fury

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Undrentide72 Autumnal feels from Hannah, thank you for dropping these little moments on us :)
Rene Lauritsen
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Rene Lauritsen In a mad year, we need to count our blessings. Hannah Fury's newfound creative vigour is a burst of light amidst the darkness. Delicate, brittle, entirely her own. Love it.
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September Day Roger: These old English houses give people strange ideas sometimes. I have an uncle who used to see ghosts every afternoon at tea. He's in parliament now. Peter Standish: Roger, I believe the 18th century still exists. It’s all around us if only we could find it. Put it this way: Polaris, the north star, is very bright... yet its light takes nearly 50 years to reach us. For all we know, Polaris may have ceased to exist… somewhere around 1900, yet we still see it. Its past is our present. As far as Polaris is concerned, Teddy Roosevelt is just going back down San Juan Hill. Roger: I think I shall have another drink. Peter Standish: Henry James expressed it like this. You're on a winding stream in a boat. You watch the banks as they pass. Upstream, you went by a grove of maple trees. But you can't see them anymore, because they're in the past. Now you're going by a field of clover. That becomes the present. Now, you don't know what's ahead of you or around the bend in the stream…Maybe wonderful things, but you won't be able to see them until you get around the bend... into the future. But suppose I’m in a plane above you. I’m looking down at it all. I see the maple trees, the clover field and around the bend. Your past, your present and your future. They're all one to the man in the plane... so that time, real time, is all one. Roger: With symbolic logic and Einstein's mathematics... I can conclusively prove that two and two are two. But this… That man is dead, long ago. Peter Standish: I tell you, he's alive! So in my mind I’m still living in That September Day My Love With You, my Love Through the Looking Glass and the Yellow Book they did predict this So did we, through the gash, we just did not understand it We did not know that we could travel through time… And they thought there was nothing we could do to stop them… and then, they encountered the 2012 problem And no matter how they tried, they could not solve it So NOW! We’re All on Timeline One and We are All Awakening Together we will go, All of Us, We Go All In Welcome to that September Day! Welcome to that SeptemberDay! Welcome!


A song about Time Travel.
Cover embroidery is a thrift store find.


released September 29, 2020




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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