by Hannah Fury

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Hello Again, Spider Hello again, Spider It’s been a long time But you have been my Beloved and my Eternal Fire Hello Again, Spider It’s been a hard time But rest assured, thanks to You I am alive Hello again, Spider You know I tore my web So I want to thank you little spider for lending me your thread
Spiders Are Always Welcome [A friend of mine (the same friend who first drew me to spiders by making me watch one through his lens) and myself once went to tea at a Lady’s house. After tea we went into the garden to admire the fruit trees, flowers and vegetables. But whilst brooding over the herbaceous border I noticed that my friend’s eyes were rarely on the flora pointed out but were roving over the wooden paling behind, and that later, while affecting to admire the runner beans, he was studying the intersections of the poles which had proved an admirable site for the makers of sundry webs. All pretense was soon abandoned and our bewildered hostess trailed after us on a spider hunt, and it was her turn to affect to take an interest in what was pointed out. A perfunctory remark of hers concerning indoor spiders made my over-keen friend lead her quickly to her garage. The garage was built on to, and a part of, the house and was as clean as a new pin…] Calling all Spiders start threading your needles The Earth needs more builders and more spinners and weavers [… and our hostess, with something icy in her voice, told him that he would not find any spiders there. But he did, and a big one, in the corner. He caught it too, and showed it to her, and commented on the markings and distribution of Tegnaria atrica. He then replaced it in the corner with care. “You’re not going to leave it there!” said our hostess indignantly. He said he was, but a chill air seemed to have arisen and even he realized that the time had come to stop hunting for, and talking about, Spiders. This I think, illustrates the attitude of every mistress of a house. Spiders, since for some reason they have to exist, had better take care to do so, out of doors.] No, I don’t agree. Spiders are always welcome in my house. Calling all Spiders start threading your needles The Earth needs your gifts you embroiderers and dreamers
The Verse 07:10
The Verse From a little spot on earth the spider spins a multiverse spins threads of opal to and fro and still loves am radio You come with gifts and things to learn things to finish and things to burn you come to earth with treasures too things to fix and things to do Weaving silver frequencies Life is just a room you leave Spider sews a stitch in time and is a fool for a sweet rhyme So sing your spider song because the Verse will sing along so sing your spider song because the Verse will sing along because that’s what it does At the center of the verse all alone there sits an orb weaver To the girl I once was long ago say “hello” if you see her She said use your anger all warriors do I know that it hurts but just feel it and let it through Spider spins eternally embroiders all the galaxies Loss can’t rule you anymore Life is one of many doors And spider has a song to sing and knows The Verse is Everything


Triptych of new songs in appreciation of Spiders (Digital-only). A thank you to anyone who has ever listened, or will ever listen, to my music. I love you.

After much observation, it seems to me that Spiders are sovereign creatures who spin their glittering webs in reflection and contemplation of the multidimensional cosmos which they are uniquely able to perceive through their special eight-eyed vision. They build their world to serve their every purpose - nourishment, shelter, spiritual connection, artistic expression, and of course procreation. They are resilient beings -- when their web is destroyed, they re-create it. We can all learn something from Spiders, especially during these mysterious and extraordinary (and very sad and difficult, but still hopeful) times. I would not be surprised if they are able to telepathically communicate with each other as well as with other species when they want to. I also suspect, that if you listen really carefully, you might even hear them singing.

The songs on "Spidersong" are not professionally mastered and so the volume may be a little low on some speakers and the vocals are a little high in the mix sometimes. I'm not able to go to a pro studio for the mastering like I usually do. Please forgive the flaws. I know people are struggling, and while your generous contributions are SO VERY appreciated, they are NOT expected.

Thank you for listening.



released August 28, 2020




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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