The Oracle Said

by Hannah Fury

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The Oracle Said (AKA 2020 Vision) And so once again you find yourself in a world where no one is listening So your message stays unheard And you only want to tell them: Look! There’s a better world! And the Oracle said: “It won’t be long now!” What if we’re on the cusp of releasing hidden technologies? And what if it leads to healing sound and light therapies? What if there was a glass bed that could fix you while you sleep? And what if there was something that could mend you totally? And what if Snow White’s coffin wasn’t just a story? What if it was really one of those high-tech machines? And what if NONE OF THIS IS WHAT IT SEEMS. So then just leave me to my Imagination This is the year of 2020 Vision You don’t have to believe me, or agree it’s just a difference of perception So I’m gonna get up and I’m gonna dust off! Because if we don’t, it’s like admitting we’ve lost. And when Alice jumped down that rabbit hole And when they tried to kill Snow that was not The End No! It was the beginning and they got up, dusted off again. What other choice was there? were they gonna wallow in despair? I don’t think so No! Don’t know exactly when but they got up, dusted off again And when they give you poison apples take a nap in a glass casket ;) You’ll be good as new So just keep your mind open You can’t fault me for hoping It could heal you, too.


A little song about advanced healing tech (and other things).
Thank you to The Oracle for modeling for the the cover art.


released October 10, 2020




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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