The World We Want

by Hannah Fury

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maeli333 So full of love and emotion. Beautiful. Favorite track: Love Letter (AKA JFK Jr.).
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Undrentide72 More gorgeous moments from Hannah, too early to pick a favourite yet!! Grief is Hannah’s muse at the moment and it seems wrong to enjoy music born out of loss but the music is absolutely exquisite. Hannah has matured musically and found her feet, these songs are akin to the quieter moments of Through the Gash and that’s creatively where Hannah excels. Not so much the notes but the silence between the notes if that makes sense. Anyways you know what to do! Support Hannah!
Crystal (Grimella Blackrose)
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Crystal (Grimella Blackrose) Such a cute album cover. Favorite track: Rabbit.
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The Storm 08:50
The Storm They are not fairy tales they are cautionary once you have gleaned it it’s something you cannot un-see Luring them through wardrobes far away from their home watch out children the psychos want your a-----chrome careful children don’t walk out in the snow alone Oh to see you in the sun oh to see you running free oh to see you gather dandelions collecting rocks and climbing trees Oh to see you in the sunlight noticing little bugs and butterflies and where no one can hurt you and no one even tries that’s the world we want Thought it was folklore I did not know that it was real once you have felt it it’s terror you can not un-feel So face towards the storm with your spoon and feather the battlefields are getting warm face the apex predator Little red riding hood brings her weapons into the woods that little puppet boy cuts his strings, because he could They have been ruling for so long it’s hard to see the aftermath but every spider has a song to rid Earth of these psychopaths let this be a warning the storm is coming Thought that it was mythology but it’s not, so there was fear and when I look through my portal I see the storm is already here and Justice is coming
Red Pill 04:28
Red Pill oh my god this is the Greatest Show of All and We are All involved and it’s amazing and terrifying and also beautiful and so sweet to be free of all the deception knowledge always escapes me so I watch and and listen and I think should I? What says my intuition? YES: Take the Red Pill And now I see Everything Our hidden history And it is All clear now If we can get through It will be it will be a perfect World For me and You So I take the Red Pill And I see it all now All of the Beauty I see a perfect World For you and me so I take the Red Pill
Twittering 03:10
Twittering And I don’t like when the bluebird goblin strangles you with his incessant chirping and tells you what to say and what to think You should have the choice And I don’t like that he shuts down your voice
Love Letter (AKA JFK Jr.) Hey, what do you have there? in your bag of treasure? I see you have jewels and a startling sweet strange mix of thoughts things to share with me so bright and sparkling so much beauty and love I got to feel special in your gaze Hey did you see your work family? how much they love you? and how they took care of me? all of your friends, too? they check in on me like I know you do I won’t lie these are strange, strange times I’d give anything to hold your hand and see you smile thank you for sending me that mystic and the fox on the roof and all the other signs did you see the red butterfly? and did you see the wind chimes? do you know? your mom writes to me it’s so sweet when you left the whole world fell apart and I guess you’ve heard about the Pandemic is it weird? that I am still Optimistic? you’d say “no bug, you’re doing so good, you’re being so brave you’re being so brave” that’s what you’d say so I painted the kitchen floor it’s a crazy quilt patchwork, I know you’d like it, though and I hung your lights above the door and your Coral Vines are blooming but I don’t go out much anymore Yes, we will build two libraries one perfect for him and one perfect for me Some say JFK Jr’s death was faked and all the wars have been about stargates and you know I never thought he crashed that plane you’d say “it’s gonna be like Planet of The Apes if we’re not careful” So, some say They have planned a false flag alien invasion and I know you can understand why I wouldn’t put it past Them And besides some also say Earth is under the protection of a wise council of Elders and the Alliance of planets in our Universe It feels like we’re raising our Consciousness and moving into a golden age on Earth are you feeling the vibration shift? don’t worry there is no need for resistance some say it’s heavenly and as Angels draw near they play trumpets and that’s All You Will Hear and there is nothing to fear and I’m acting like the world we want is already here
Tesla's Zero-Point Energy So have you? So have you heard the word on the street? GESARA Everyone is saying: Word! GESARA! It establishes peace on Earth and sovereign nations and it gets rid of the Federal Reserve, debt and illegal taxation And it ceases all aggressive U.S. military actions moves us forward to a Gold Standard and Rainbow Currency takes down the Act of 1871 and restores the first Constitution So have you heard about the deals he’s made? Is it true? It's all over the world. Will every country now have fair trade? Has he been taking down the Global Deep State? Has he? So give me a — G: E: S: A: R: A: (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) Now this next part is not official but some say the most beautiful some say it includes peaceful Disclosure of off-world civilizations and reunion with our Galactic Family and Knowledge of our True History And also would you believe the release of suppressed technologies like Tesla’s zero-point energy Just think! Anti gravity and sonic healing machines this is the World we wanted forever THIS is what you predicted
Rabbit 05:52
Rabbit Run, run little rabbit, run run little rabbit, run we will follow you until you find the sun run little rabbit, run so we follow the clues you leave and you hollow their deceit and you show us the truth, finally! There! I knew you’d find it, the sunlight!


I am trying very hard to make sense of the world right now, and have been looking into a lot of things. I have been seeing and feeling much high strangeness everywhere, and am working through it in music, as usual. I have no answers. Only Questions, Intuitions and Love. These are all new songs, written and recorded in the past month and a half. (Digital-only)

As with "Little Family," the songs on "The World We Want" are not professionally mastered and so the volume may be a little low on some speakers and the vocals are a little high in the mix sometimes. I may try to do some tweaking, but I'm not able to go to a pro studio for the mastering like I usually do. Please forgive the flaws. I know people are still struggling, so please don't pay anything.

P.S. Don't think I haven't noticed the kindness and generosity that you have showed by making contributions to me for Not Sad and Little Family. It is SO very appreciated -- I can't even believe how sweet all of you are. It helps me so much, thank you. I am still finding it very hard to be in touch with anyone, but I will be working on that soon.

Thank you for listening.



released August 17, 2020




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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