by Hannah Fury

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Padparadscha 05:47
Padparadscha Calling out from a spot in deep space In this place there is no time but I am safe the earth seems so far away If I close my eyes I can still see your soul the color of padparadscha sapphire so warm so beautiful my calm in the eye of the storm I look out from the edge of this timeless space at all the planets and stars transmitting from nowhere I call to your soul the color of opal and rose gold the color of padparadscha sapphire And I am Home home in the eye of your storm home in the eye of your storm (where you speak to me) home in the eye of your storm (astrally) home in the eye of the storm home where the Ancients whisper their hints to me in the wordless language of Eternity I still feel your soul the color of padparadscha sapphire the color of opal and rose gold the color of Home
Shout-Out to All OG Warriors Feel the Shift it is happening I have faith in the new vibration don’t be scared don’t resist Shout-Out to all OG Warriors now you you just rest we’ve got spoons and feathers and we’re gonna take this to the Next Level all Love and Respect for everything you’ve done to get us to this place and time of existence a decade after the timeline split no more sorrow wake up to find tomorrow So lay down your burdens and don’t you worry just rest WE GOT THIS. Shout-Out to an OG Warrior I’ve been feeling this coming for the past ten years And everything we’ve been through has led us Here Shout-Out to an OG Warrior So many are feeling it. We are getting so strong, aren't we? All of us, getting to this point, All at the same Time. Shout-Out to those who have gone before!
I Love Earth 04:24
I Love Earth "This we know The Earth does not belong to Man Man belongs to The Earth All Things are connected like the blood that unites us All Man did not weave the Web of Life he is merely a strand in it Whatever he does to the Web he does to himself." said Chief Seattle Turn up the sound and all the colors write your thoughtline focus your mind on all the Others and send a message across Time I love Earth I Love Earth! All Things are connected I love Earth


I know this is a very hard time for Everyone, but remember that YOU are a timeless and multidimensional being.


released September 8, 2020




Hannah Fury

File Under: Soundtrack.
Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...
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