Stitch the Worlds

by Hannah Fury

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In the Garden So every day I go outside and I think about what you said I'm out collecting Coral Vine seeds, still limping on my jacked-up leg I sometimes speak to the Bees as they Swarm overhead We celebrate the Red Bud trees and get Dragonfly Street Cred Sometimes I am happy in the Garden And I remember You, and your Sweet Smile We would have been happy in the Garden I will always Love You, and I will see you in a while After all, it was you, who said: "There's NO TIME. And we'll Be Together, in the Blink of an Eye." Nothing can Sever your Soul from Mine Always and Forever I know you're with our Dandelion And I know This IS gonna be fine 'Cause I'll be There, in just a While And in the Meantime I Stitch the Worlds together So I'm out in the garden again, limping on my jacked-up leg I see a little Spider and I ask if I can borrow some Thread I said: "Hey little Spider, I have got a lot of work to do!" Spider says: "Sure, Whatever! I've been Stitching Worlds up, too! And I am always happy in the Garden With my Special Vision to see through And I still see him happy in the Garden And he is still with you We are all together in the Garden, you that it's True
You Got This 03:37
You Got This It was the Darkest Day All alone, feeling crazy Thought I had lost it, Maybe... But you broke through The Veil to say: "No, You Got This, you will feel happiness again, this is my wish, to let my Spirit move you, through..." So take my hand! Together We will make a Stand! Take my hand! See? You got this! You will feel happiness again This is my Wish So come on, take my hand We will stand up together Don't be sad, I am Your Ghost And you are my Tether Oh, don't be sad, I am Your Ghost!
So In the Meantime Saying Goodbye to the World I knew No longer have the Safety of You But I am well-prepared for this Destruction I could always detect Lies and Corruption Just not to This Extent And then I hear Your Voice And you say to me: "Don't worry, it's just Noise, and soon you will be Free... Because I am Your Ghost, and you will follow me. I'll come to take your hand, I promise you... you'll see..." So in the Meantime... Just sing your Song, just sing your song... And rest assured, it's only their world that's ending Not Ours, Not Yours So keep singing your Song And rest assured You have been building Your World, all along...
Whaaaat?!? 04:26
Whaaaat?!? This is a day for some Slow Jamz Get it? JAMZ? But this is no day to be slow, Fam Get it? Let's Go! We've got a Party to get to! Exactly ten years you walked backwards into the Toy Store. And I wrote a little song for you because you liked Music and I did, too. Think of this as a Stitch in Time Like A Crazy Quilt, but with words that rhyme Like A Time Capsule! But with Sound the Vessel! So take it to the Future! Where I have always Loved You And You are quite Beyond Compare There is no one above You And you can do Anything You are like a Tesla Dove, an M with Wings And You gave a Universe to me They said "Look what happens when we add Milo to Marie!" Oh, it was like some kind of Magic! They had conjured up to say: "Wake up! HE is here! And it's a Brighter Day!" We've got a Party to get to! Exactly thirteen years ago, he appeared like a Boss, in control! On MoMo's birthday, no less... Whaaaat?!? He was a good soul match for me, he liked buttons and The Sea... Now he likes a lot of other things, he plays Music and he even Sings... Whaaaat?!? So take this to the Future! Maybe it will prove useful... Exactly how, I cannot know But I do know you're a Warrior, too... I don't know how the Rest will Be I'm the Ghost of that Lion, the one in my dream... And You are Everything to Me If I can't save your World, I will die trying But for now, We've got a Party to get to!!!
I Can Sense Things So I'm sitting here, with my jacked-up leg Remembering all the things that you said And I guess it was always you, who was gonna be in my head Your birthday on July 10th -- 710 -- 7 + 10 Seven, Ten! Oh I'm sitting here, like some jacked-up Wreck I'm waiting for Light Healing and Tesla Tech Trust me, it's a feeling I sometimes get Sometimes, I can sense things that haven't happened yet Sitting here raging at the sky above And sending out communications to My Love Somewhere Out There there are Other Stations And I'm releasing Tesla's Doves...
Bridge 02:06
Bridge Not trying to convince anyone Just saying what I See I listen to Wither's songs, because they speak to me And they stole the Preacher's Wife And they left behind the Son And from Somewhere Beyond the Light She can See what he's Become We're gonna bring the wretched temple down And bring the whole house of cards down on these clowns There is a method to the madness now, and Angels all around I spend my Time in Both Worlds Maybe I'm a Bridge When I need that ferocious calm, the foxhole's where it is Bring back the Lion and the Sword We are gonna Win this war...
No Husk 01:31
No Husk Ugh, that Husk! That slack-jawed creep think he in charge of us?! I said NO, a long time ago Nobody gonna fill my veins with dust For sure, No Husk! Ugh, it's so gross: The Clown Show Never, ever gonna trust it, tho Get outta my face with that! I do not trust your science It is just too violent I don't trust psychopaths Step Off, Liars! I am Tired I'm so tired of this psychopathic clown show They make me sick I look at those dried husks and I think: It's time for them to go I believe in Sovereignty & Peace, don't you know?
Tribute 03:10
Tribute Goodby Yellow Brick Road It feels like I've been buried in a Landslide Can I even handle the Fall of my Life? I have been building this Little Dirt House, all along Down the road from The Tower of Song... Oh baby, baby it's a Wild World Oh baby, baby it's a Wild World Never part of the Choir, Girrrl... Oh it may be warm, and I might dream of sleep But I am INSIDE the Storm, and I've NEVER been Weak! Not in America... we are not Sheep! Of course there's Life on Mars! They thought we would look to the Stars Muttering, "This is fine..." Suspicious, how they died -- Woops! Out of Time! Tonight we're gonna party like it's 2099! The Earth Does Not Want Any More Blood Sacrifice! So let this be a Tribute to the ones I admired...
Of Swaying 02:33
Of Swaying Hey Famous, Why you so Quiet now? Hey famous creep, if you stay quiet now... May You Forever Hold Your Peace! This is a Grave Deception... Might make a few Exceptions... But if you don't speak, you dead to me. You could speak up, for a Free Earth Oh, I love AM Radio! I love that Mellow Feeling, oh you know... If I could dance just a little bit, I would, to and fro Oh, I could do with a little bit Of Swaying, high and low We are gonna have a World Party And you won't be invited, tho Don't need no famous creeps trying to tell me what to do and how to be I am sovereign and free Don't you dare tread on me
A Bit Traumatic I travel out in my Dreams and I look over the Edge NOTHING is quite as it seems... So I travel in my Dreams and I look over the Edge I wonder, should I turn back, but I go Further Out instead I'm just trying to get along, singing my AM Radio Songs A little Galactic and a lot Mellow... And a bit Traumatic! Oh when I am in my Dreams I can see over the Edge At all the torn Realities, so I stitch them up with Thread I can see Both Worlds Both are still green and blue I can FEEL that they are hurting... So I stitch the Worlds up, too


A nursery rhyme for a quickly shifting Planet. We are all children during this time.


released September 18, 2021




Hannah Fury

Traveling through this Life towards Eternity, and towards the other side of this Planetary Shift; writing songs along the way.
Sending messages across Time.
All songs are free, because that's how I'm rollin' right now...

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